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Stories is the second studio album by Swedish electronic music producer Avicii, released on 2 October 2015 by PRMD Music and Island Records. It was produced by Avicii along with Salem Al Fakir, Alex Ebert, Carl Falk, Kristoffer Fogelmark, Martin Garrix, Dhani Lennevald, Ash Pournouri, Albin Nadler, and Vincent Pontare on several tracks. It is his last studio album to be released in his lifetime.

Stories album is disappointing according to a report published at by Will Hermes.

"Stories. Superstar Swedish DJ turns kitchen-sink pop producer, with disappointing results. “California! Don’t let me down! Seems so golden!” chants Avicii’s Swedish homeboy Sandro Cavazza on “Sunset Jesus.” It’s a striver’s tale, engineered by eight co-writers, that reimagines 1970s K-Tel-style AM radio pop as a Eurocheese house rave-up, complete with a relentless crowd sample that suggests a Rose Bowl full of Red Bull-chugging 6th graders. Sure, America may be a mess. But as the superstar DJ also known as Tim Bergling proved on his country-tinged 2013 smash, True — and reasserts on this all-star follow-up — promised-land fantasies remain a solid pop investment. Avicii is one of the planet’s most successful DJs, and he clearly aspires to the craft of countrymen like Max Martin, which is understandable in an era when producers are the new guitar gods. But Bergling lacks the chops to transform the cliché — which he never has trouble locating — into the classic. “Waiting For Love” counts off the days of the week against a Eurovision oompah beat; “True Believer” is pop-house piffle with Chris Martin on the chorus. Throughout, watered-down Daft Punk moves abound. The most successful tracks are the weird ones and, often, the ones that feel most Scandinavian. “Pure Grinding” is duty-free trap music cut with polyester funk via a Midwestern bluesman-turned-rapper and a Swedish pop singer. “Somewhere in Stockholm” is its cultural mirror-version, with guest MC Daniel Adams-Ray repping for Sweden’s clean streets like a dual-citizenship Nate Ruess. Yet ultimately it’s those country-club hybrids first coined on True that come off the best. Zac Brown’s earthy, relatively unprocessed baritone never sounded more refreshing than on “Broken Arrows,” with its hilariously breakneck hoedown-breakdown. And “Trouble” is a pick-up truck banger that Darius Rucker should seriously consider adding to his set. Sung by Wayne Hector — part of the team that co-wrote Nicki Minaj’s “Starships” — in a voice that’s digitally rippled like the sound of heat waves on asphalt, the song rhymes “city of gold” with “yellow brick road” over-earnest strumming, fiddle noise, and an undeniable big beat. It’s hardly Taylor Swift, but it should spur some water-cooler talk in Nashville. Too bad Stories brings so little to the EDM conversation."


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Conseillère de vente (Former Employee) says

"Pire expérience de vendeuse de ma vie. Cons: Travailler là-bas"

Vendeur polyvalent (Former Employee) says

"Rien à dire a part que c’est naze a mort le salaire pourri les sourire faux et les managers hypocrites et sans scrupule Cons: Tout"

Vendedora (Former Employee) says

"La directora de tienda y managers de planta tienen un trato muy poco profesional de mal trato y poca seriedad que se establece sólo si les caes bien lo que es muy poco objetivo y serio, exigen y tienen una desorganización brutal en cuanto a horarios, horas extras que nunca pasan con claridad a la hora de cobrar y los contratos son muy malos ya que son de muy pocas horas y el resto son complementarias, nunca sabes cuanto vas a trabajar ni cuanto vas a cobrar a fin de mes, hay bastante rotación de equipo porque no se consigue un buen ambiente con los managers y son muy pocos los compañeros que valen la pena que si lo hay, el producto y estilo de la tienda si que son muy chulos. Cons: Condiciones contractuales y trato por parte de managers."

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Whole of management was Spanish and had very poor knowledge on how to manage! Not a place to breathe for such a quiet store with nothing to do! Not enough pay for all the unnecessary things done in store. Very salty management honestly so unnecessary."

Sales Advisor (Former Employee) says

"la direction est instable et incohérente"

Sales Ambassador (Current Employee) says

"Not very flexible with hours, will make you close all the time, if you had a full 8 hour shift and they were short staff, they will cut your break in half, if you go to church on sundays you need to bring a note to prove it. Just a whole bunch of BS at this company! Looking to leave!!!! Cons: No work-life balance"

Conseillère de vente (Former Employee) says

"Si vous vous attendez à faire de la vraie vente, passez votre chemin. Ranger, ranger, ranger c'est tout ce qu'on fait et s'ennuyer. Trois jours m'ont suffit pour me rendre compte que l'ennui règne là bas. Ça manque de challenge individuel ! Puis, le salaire est bas pour ce que vous faites : ranger, faire le travail d'un stockiste, des heures horribles. Pire travailler pour une entreprise de Fast Fashion! Fuyez et allez voir de vraies enseignes qui proposent un vrai poste de conseillère vente."

Store Manager (Current Employee) says

"There is no growth because the company is currently at a stand still. No stores are opening and no positions outside of the store are being created. This is a great company for students working in sales roles, but for senior store managers, this isn't the right brand or company."

Sales Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Ik heb hier lang gewerkt maar heb uiteindelijk mijn ontslag gegeven omdat ik niet meer kon omgaan met het pestklimaat. Ik heb een heel hoog gevoel voor rechtvaardigheid en kan niet om met zulke situaties. Heb dan ook besloten om zelf op te stappen en om aan mijn wereldreis te beginnen."

Sales Associate/ Cashier (Current Employee) says

"Handled purchases, returns and exchanges"

Data Entry (Former Employee) says

"Good experience"

Sales Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Fförsäljning och rådgivning inom skönhet och makeup produkter. Sedvanligt butiksarbete ingick så som kassatjänst, uppackning samt produkt vård. Fokus var på service inom detta yrke där lyhördhet var en av de viktigaste egenskaperna hos mig som rådgivare. Roliga kollegor samt lyhörd ledningsgrupp underlättade det dagliga arbetet."

Marketing (Former Employee) says

"i worked in 2 different places for sales in venkys and as a promoter for classes in my city the overall work experience was not so great."

Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"Even though the job itself is one of the easiest retail jobs I had, the management and problem solving at the company is not on a high level and leads to many stressful situation on daily basis. Overall, I would recommend &Other Stories as a part-time job but never as a full-time work being the only source of income."

Vendeuse en prêt à porter (Former Employee) says

"J'étais en temps partiel. Le travail en soit était plutôt agréable mais la politique de management, de mon point de vue, n'était pas intelligemment menée. C'est une marque qui veut avoir une culture d'entreprise assez forte mais la direction laissait peu d'autonomie et avait peu confiance en l'équipe de vente ce qui dégrade considérablement l'esprit d'équipe et la motivation a porter les valeurs de la boîte. Nous étions dans un cercle vicieux. C'est dommage car ça pourrait être une boîte très épanouissante si elle était moins hypocrite. et ça se joue au delà même de la direction de la boutique bien évidemment."

Accounting Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I worked as an accountant on audit department and it was nice experience. It helped me with developing myself. There were many intelligent coworkers. I could learn many things from them."

Responsable de département (Former Employee) says

"Esprit d'équipe présent, cadre agréable, mais manque d'humanisme et d'humilité au niveau du management."

Sales Ambassador (Former Employee) says

"There is a definite carryover from H&M owning & Other Stories. It could be annoying at times to have big box store policies in place at a tiny shop. The managers were very strict and while accommodating for some things, had some expectations that were just not realistic. It is good pay though, I just felt like I was doing things a team lead could be doing as a sales associate so I got a better job somewhere else."

Former Employee - Sales Assistant says

"I worked at & Other Stories full-time Cons: Toxic store management. The reason I left"

Current Employee - Visual Merchandiser says

"I have been working at & Other Stories full-time for more than a year Cons: Micromanagement, poor communication, low salaries. The company seems to treat the employers as numbers and specially at such a crisis like we're all going through now, that's even more noticeable. We find that we're working harder and under more pressure to achieve goals at such unrealistic times. More humanity is needed, urgently."

Former Employee - Web Developer says

"I worked at & Other Stories full-time for less than a year Cons: Work from home not allowed Salary is not paid on time during my job. No work life balance Bad management work culture full of favoritism and egoistic"

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"I worked at & Other Stories full-time for more than a year Cons: It sucks your soul and from within you and leaves you feeling worthless. Forget any amibitions you had previously because you’ll forget all about them when everyone starts treating you like sh*t on their shoe and you start believing it. Prepare to spend all your days talking about how you are planning to get out with everyone else in the building that also hates their job but has been left with zero energy or belief in order to escape the concrete Scandi shell they find themselves confined within. Then when all your dreams outside of the company are nothing but a distant memory and you think to yourself that you should be more realistic and instead try to progress within the company be prepared to be tossed aside for somebody tall and blonde who has just entered the company and therefore still has a glint in their eye, a shred of personality left and the energy to put together fun outfits with lots of zany pops of Paris 01 that catch managements eyes."

Former Employee - Part-time Sales Advisor says

"I worked at & Other Stories part-time for more than a year Cons: Certain staff members are favourited Hard to move up within company Pay rate is rubbish especially for central london workers"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at & Other Stories part-time Cons: - management do not appreciate hard work - awful pay for the amount of work you do - cliquey - very monotonous"

Former Employee - Retail Sales Associate says

"I worked at & Other Stories part-time Cons: - unfriendly management - low employee discount"

Former Employee - Brand Ambassador says

"I worked at & Other Stories part-time for more than a year Cons: Terrible pay, not a lot of benefits"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at & Other Stories part-time for less than a year Cons: -understaffed, overworked, many bad managers"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at & Other Stories full-time for more than a year Cons: No transparency & favoritism - it was never clear why some people were considered for things over others, it really just seems like if you're cool you get ahead."

Claire Kershaw says

"Poor service. Never received items despite calling up three times to chase up delivery. On last call was advised that my order had been cancelled without any proactive communication. Not worth the hassle."

Luana Silva says

"I wouldn't recommend this retailer. Bought a skirt and after 15 days with no deliver I went to check and it said that was returned to the warehouse. Retalier didn't communicate, called today asking for a refund, the girl was nice over the phone but not sure if I will receive a refund to be honest."

A Fox says

"Best avoided. I ordered two knitwear items (around £80 each). They were very poor quality, I didn't even try them on I put them straight back in the bag and posted them back. That was 4 weeks ago. I've chased twice for the refund via telephone and each time I just get a standard it will be in 3-5 days answer. A very poor retailer that oversells itself online and isn't committed to offering good customer care or returning money."

Carrie Anne Mason says

"Extremely poor service from this company. Been waiting over two weeks for a delivery (two orders in total and they have both gone wrong), no update on tracking details and expected just to wait for an unknown amount of time. I have ended up requesting a refund this evening and will go elsewhere that can provide a better service. Huge shame at a time when people have to rely on deliveries."

Victoria C says

"Avoid!!! Don't use their online shop!!!! waited long for my order to arrive, it was already late for my friend's birthday. And, they sent the wrong item, which I ordered a white handbag, but they sent a completely different style black clutch. and they told me to return the wrong item, but cannot send me the correct item due to their system error. I will definitely return the wrong item, and not buying from them again."

JS says

"Don’t recommend this brand their employees don’t know how to work, they stole my money and dropped refund transactions to my debit card and they refuse to refund my money$460"

Georgia says

"&OS sent me the wrong size boots TWICE (their mistake). I sent the first pair back at my expense, reordered and paid for a new pair which turned up in the wrong size again. Now they refuse to send me the correct pair until I pay for them for a THIRD time. No refunds and absolutely disgraceful they will not send me what I ordered and paid for (twice now).

Furthermore their boxes are not approved UPS mailing boxes so I have to pay $12 myself for a mailing box for each return.

Absolutely appalled that they refuse to resolve this by sending me the boots I ordered."

forariadne says

"This company used to be very good, however the quality of the items deteriorated materially. I noticed that the production is now in China (previously it was at least partially in EU), the fabrics are super cheap (terrible polyester) and the so-called alpaca-wool blends are a cheat for sure, it is not natural, it is polyester the majority of the fabric for sure! Honestly, it used to be so high quality, I had a lot of items from them, and from one month to another, it changed dramatically. It is crazy, what`s going on #&otherstories ?? why to sacrifice your business for a few dollars more to save on production costs?? You will loose your markets for sure, can cry together with Topshop, this is where you belong now!"

Ines Smudja says

"Terrible customer service
I called them twice to ask for a refund and the line 'accidentally went down' as soon as I mentioned refund..
My package hasn t arrived yet (ordered it 10 days ago) and they advertise it s 2-3 working days delivery! Will never buy anything from this brand"

customer says

"This brand looked great on the website. It posed to be good quality however I received my 'alpaca' cardigen and dress just a few minuets ago to be horrified by the poor quality. I picked it up and could tell straight away. Also this alpaca blend cardigen only has 2% alpaca. This quality would be acceptable if this were Primark, In fact these look like they are from Primark. Want to send it make as I spent so much money but I'm scared they won't refund me."

Danielle v says

"Warning! Don't shop here! I ordered an item a few days ago during the black friday sale. They have now cancelled my order and said check back in a few days but provided no discount code so I guess I can pay full price for their poor inventory management. Upon reaching out to customer service, they have no phone or email, only "live chat" which I attempted but after several minutes, the person who connected never responded. TERRIBLE customer service!"

YY # says

"I bought clothes which is worth $198 but I found out when my item came to the destination, they charged me another $134 for import fee. I was so disappointed and if I had to pay that much to import the clothes, I wouldn’t have ordered them. I would use the money to buy clothes from better company!!! Disappointed!!!!"

catriona Derrins says

"I bought 4 dresses and returned 2. It has been over a months since I returned them. I got the notification they received them. I still do not have my refund. & Other stories Blame Klarna and Klarna blame & other stories.
I still do not theave the €154 I should have been refunded. Do not shop with them they will not accept responsibility or give you your money back."

aved says

"I have a gift card which I’ve been unable to use due to lockdown throughout the year. When I contacted customer service, I was told the card could only be used in stores. But they are closed. So they are just sitting on my money and I’m unable to purchase anything."

Caroline Bishton says

"I bought 3 pairs of boots and none of them were suitable. I returned them quickly via Hermes and have heard nothing since. Over £300 out of pocket and frantic with worry.

Wish I’d never got involved. Be warned."

eugeny92 says

"I keep hearing from people how much they love &Other Stories, including some of my own friends, but every single item I bought from this brand had an absolutely appalling quality. I got a green jumpsuit, which looked gorgeous at the store, but it shrank in the very first wash, which was done according to the label. I can still wear it, but the length of the pants is not great anymore, and it definitely doesn't look as good as it did before. A couple of knitwear pieces that I owe from &Other Stories also look weary after just a couple of washes. Even the clothes from H&M look more presentable and last much longer in my wardrobe than the clothes bought from &Other Stories, which is unacceptable considering the prices that &Other Stories charge. As far as I'm aware, COS is also part of the H&M group, but I find their quality much better than &Other Stories, so I don't think I will ever buy from &Other Stories again..."

Lucía Saavedra Vázquez says

"I used to love this brand. Beautiful design, expensive but the quality was worth it. But now, design is still nice, but the quality is terrible and it’s way more expensive. I also wonder about their sustainability now, which before I believed they cared - but maybe I was wrong from the start."

PriT says

"Shipping is super quick which is great. However their returns is the slowest I’ve ever encountered. It takes about a month to process a return by post!"

Graham says

"This company used to be really good, but now the quality of the items has really gone down. I've bought about ten to fifteen items from them this year, and have had to return all but one because of the strange sizing, bad quality and discrepancies between the photos online and the real things. Deliveries and refunds both come quickly. Only go there in person if you can to see what the quality of the garments are really like."

KC says

"I ordered a coat online for delivery, I liked the photo of the model wearing the coat and ordered the same size. The delivery was quick but the coat was too big so I returned it and ordered another in a smaller size. The second delivery arrived promptly too.

Where AoS loses stars is because of their returns process. Usually when I return something to another online brand, I don't have to wait 3 weeks for a returns confirmation email. I didn't get one so I reached out to AoS customer services through Facebook messenger and asked them to check the progress of the return. I was worried because of the other horror stories here but I received a friendly, no nonsense (way better compared to Zara which is horrendous) message on the same day saying they would refund me. I received the refund email, now awaiting the refund which they said would be 3-10 days.

I'm not afraid at this point that I won't receive the refund as now I have lots of evidence of speaking to AoS and the refund confirmation email."

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